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program eligibility

In order to be eligible for the program, an individual must:

  1. Live in a household with a combined income of up to 200% of the Federal poverty level.

  2. Have a job.

  3. Have a valid WV Driver’s License. 

  4. Be willing to participate in financial education training.

Keys to Success

What is Keys to success?

Keys to Success program is designed to assist individuals in purchasing a vehicle to make it to and from work. Good News Mountaineer Garage staff support applicants through the process of applying for a loan, learning about credit and purchasing a vehicle. The Keys to Success program focuses on 3 main areas to assist individuals in successfully purchasing a vehicle:

  1. Reduced Purchase Price of the Vehicle: In 2020, the West Virginia Legislature passed a new law providing state tax credits to dealers and private parties who provide vehicles to our program. These tax credits allow us to help participants purchase a used vehicle through a cooperating dealer, or from us, at a greatly reduced price.

  2. Reduced Vehicle Financing: We have a partnership with Element Federal Credit Union which provides the participant with very low rate financing for the purchase of a vehicle (no more than 6 to 8% per year). This will save the participant a considerable amount of money in loan costs.

  3. Financial Education: We will provide financial training and counseling throughout the period of the participant’s loan. This will empower participants to handle their finances successfully.

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