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Stacked Tires

changed Lives

Helping in a Time of Need

We are so thankful that we were able to help this single mom with transportation! When I called her about her vehicle she was in the ER with her daughter. She had to call an ambulance to take her because she had no other means to get her there. Through tears of gratitude she thanked us for answering her many prayers for help. She has built a life for herself and two teenage daughters where she can be self-sufficient and give her daughters the things that many of us take for granted. She is now able to get to her fulltime job, take her daughter to much needed specialists for healthcare and do every day chores like grocery shopping and appointments. This is only possible by means of our wonderful donors and those in the community that support Good News Mountaineer Garage!!! All of us here at Good News are thankful for every one of our donors and supporters. 

Homeless man recieving a vehicle to help with his kids and get a job

A Changed Life

John was living at a homeless shelter with two teenagers. One teenager is deaf with special needs. He volunteered at the shelter until he got a job and a vehicle. He now has a place of his own, is working full-time, and still volunteers at the shelter. He even called us close to Thanksgiving to tell us that one of the things he is most grateful for is his vehicle because it truly changed his life.

Single mother getting a donated car
John's letter to GNMG
Special thank you card from a former GNMG car recipient.

A Special Thank You

Good News Mountaineer Garage blessed me with transportation during a time of need. Proof that miracles happen indeed. Thank you kindly.

- 2020 Good News Mountaineer Garage Recipient

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