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Happy Car Recipient

Your financial contributions help repair our donated cars.

Fixing Tire

WE accept more than cars

While our program runs on donated vehicles, your cash donation can further our mission of providing safe, reliable transportation to West Virginia families by helping toward repairs of vehicles.

Even if you don’t have a vehicle to donate at this time, you can help put another family on their road to economic independence.


Please consider one of the

following levels:

Wrench - $25

Tie rod - $50

Wheel Bearing - $100

Rocker Panel - $250

Transmission - $500

Motor - $1000+



Donations are tax deductible.

DONATE today!

Click below to donate online or donations can be mailed to:


Good News Mountaineer Garage

1637 4th Avenue

Charleston, WV 25387

Helping a fellow West Virginian get back on the road to independence!

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